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 SEMJA Update - Oct 99

Bess Bonnier celebrated the release of her "SUITE WILLIAM" CD with a performance at the Kerrytown Concert House on August 21. Her CD includes Bonnieręs original music in honor of William Shakespeare, as reviewed in our last newsletter. She brought her quintet plus singers Judie Cochill and Deanna Relyea to Kerrytown for two rousing performances in front of enthusiastic audiences...
 Detroit Jazz Magazine - Jul/Aug 99

Imagine an evening at a Broadway Musical, or a world class dinner theater featuring a spectacular Live Musicale...
 Windsor/Detroit Jazz Society

First there is the amazing talent of Bess Bonnier. Her playing on the CD is flawless, matching the changing moods of the music perfectly...but so it should. She wrote it, molding it to the words that Shakespeare wrote 400 years ago...
 SEMJA Update - Aug 99

Bess Bonnier is known primarily for her excellent modern jazz piano playing and for her occasional vocals. Her new CD demonstrates that she is also an accomplished composer...
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 Detroit Free Press - Aug 15, 1999
 All Music Guide, allmusic.com
 SEMJA Update - Aug 99: Suite William Review
 SEMJA Update - Oct 99: Release Party Recap
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-- Sadly, Bess peacefully passed away in 2011. More details on the Home page
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