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Quick Quotes --SUITE WILLIAM 
  "An artistic achievement encompassing a successful and creative marriage of composition, lyric and performance at the highest musical plateau."
- Matt Michaels, Director of Jazz Studies, Wayne State University
  "If the Bard were with us today, he would be thrilled with the way Bess Bonnier has given musical life to his verses."
  - Bill Gard, renowned choral director
  "There are new 'standards' in this score that have been waiting over 350 years for a tune. It was worth the wait."
  - Chris Felcyn, host of "The Listening Room" on WDET FM 101.9; NPR affiliate, Detroit,MI
  "Bonnier has remained true to the Bard's words and spirit. Solo and ensemble work of the instrumentalists probes the words and the exciting original score."
- Robert Dupuis, author of Bunny Berigan: Elusive Legend of Jazz
  "Bess Bonnier catches the spirit of Shakespeare with her tuneful melodies, showing a great variety of musical ideas. The members of her group shine brightly. No matter what the mood or tempo is, the essence of the music is alternately sweet, soulful and swinging."
  - Marian McPartland, internationally acclaimed jazz pianist and host of Public Radio's "Piano Jazz"
  "Detroit's most inventive and literate jazz artist, Bess Bonnier, pays tribute to William Shakespeare in a manner totally befitting the Bard."   Full Review
  - Mitch Genoa, Detroit Jazz Magazine
  "A project like Suite William is unique unto itself, but no more so than the musical brilliance of its queen, conceptualist Bess Bonnier. She's seized the moment, commanding her classical upbringing and jazz sensibilities, alchemizing the combination to a lofty plateau that I dare say few have braved to tackle. Stunning, shimmering unison playing, especially between piano and vibes. The piece as a whole is like a ten course meal, a movable feast to be savored in a lengthy, lingering, royal setting with plenty of wine. For those who have never loved or are just starting to love Shakespeare, this is a perfect entry point."
  - Michael G. Nastos, WEMU 89.1 FM, Ypsilanti, MI
  "Bess Bonnier has managed to construct a musical bridge over 400 years with the unlikely joining of two distinct art forms- the haunting elegance of Elizabethan composition with the 20th century creation of jazz."
  - Joan Silvi, WUOM public radio host of "All Things Considered"; NPR affiliate, Ann Arbor, MI
  "This is Shakespeare with his poetic delights couched in airy, upbeat melodies and framed by jazz solos that enhance the moods. Suite William is sweet (and it swings), just like Bess Bonnier."
  - Ira Gitler, internationally known writer and jazz critic
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