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 CD Project Detail: Love Notes
Love Notes  Love Notes
   Performed by The Bess Bonnier Ensemble

Bess Bonnier -- piano
Paul Keller -- bass & claves
Cary Kocher -- vibes & congas
Pete Siers -- percussion & drums

 Program:   more info
Joy Spring
Côte D´Azur
Las Notas De Amor
Foolish/Favorite Things
Mr. Sandman
Remind Me
All Of Paul
Ah, Paris!
 - I Love Paris
 - La Vie en Rose
 - April in Paris
 - Another Song About Paris
All The Things You Are
Spring Is Here
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Love Notes is the fulfillment of a dream of mine. For some time now, I've wanted to collaborate with bassist Paul Keller on a very personalized recording. Since I first met him on that magnificent evening in 1984 when the Detroit Tigers clinched the World Series, our musical relationship has grown deeply. "Love Notes", the translation of Las Notas de Amor is an appropriate title for this CD; a lot of TLC went into the making of this recording. With Paul as my partner, the dream has finally come to fruition. We believe the molding of the program and designing the various intricacies are a major part of a successful presentation - as important as the players' solos.

I'm also very pleased to present the wonderful creative talents of vibraphonist Cary Kocher and drummer Pete Siers. Paul, Cary and Pete are a triumvirate of great musicians; helpful, thoughtful, and inspirational. I know you will enjoy their contribution as much as I enjoy making music with them.

Clifford Brown's "Joy Spring" kicks off our 'digital concert.' I had fun weaving the harmony of Charlie Parker's 'Confirmation' into the solo section of "Joy Spring." Cary takes the first solo and 'tears it up'. What a fantastic soloist he is! I follow with two piano choruses, then a "Confirmation" ditty sets up the bass solo. This has a joyful feel throughout.

Three of my compositions appear on this recording; each with its own unique textures and challenges for the soloists. "Cote d'Azur," a waltz, depicts in my imagination a 1940's black-and-white film, set on the French Riviera. In my mind's ear, I originally heard the dulcet tones of the French musette playing the theme. Cary Kocher's extraordinary musicianship and sensitivity bring a new dimension to this piece.

I was exhilarated, breathless at times, in planning this CD with Paul and in working with the quartet. We kept each other in stitches throughout the recording sessions and the humor comes out in the music. I am thrilled with the final product. And so, this album, these tunes, these NOTES OF LOVE are our special gift to you. Enjoy!

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