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Paul Keller Orchestra (www.pkorecords.com) - Paul, Cary and Pete whom you've heard here, also help energized this jazz orchestra as well as the Ann Arbor/Detroit jazz scene.
- Formerly the Bird of Paradise Orchestra (BOPO), this 15 piece jazz big band that plays every Monday night at the Firefly Club in Ann Arbor, Michigan! Check out the schedule - they are definitely worth a listen! And a favorite of many.

Jazz Hot Magazine (www.jazzhot.net) - One of the world's first Jazz Magazines! English and French versions.
- Issue #612 has a piece about Bess (french version, so-so automatic translation into english)

SEMJA (Southeastern Michigan Jazz Association)
Support jazz education and performance by joining an organization of like-minded people.

Assistive Media - Providing a great service!!

WDET 101.9 FM (www.wdetfm.org) - Detroit Public Radio - Wayne State University
  - Music Calendars
  - Concerts and Events

WEMU 89.1 FM (www.wemu.org) - National Public Radio - Eastern Michigan University
  - Jazz Datebook

Schoolkids Records - The legendary Ann Arbor based store/label, now offers an online catalog, excellent music suggestions and sound clips for you listening pleasure...

Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival

Wayne State University, Dept of Music

Internet Public Library
- Wonderful history of the Detroit Jazz culture from it's beginings...

All-Music Guide
- Great on-line resource for tracking down artists


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-- Sadly, Bess peacefully passed away in 2011. More details on the Home page
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